Saturday, March 10, 2007

Puerto Saavedra and Lago Budi

Puerto Saavedra is a small costal town directly east of Temuco, making it the closest trip to the ocean from Temuco. Although it has yet to catch on as a popular tourist area, Puerto Saavedra has much to offer.

The highlight of Puerto Saavedra is a peninsula, with several 4 kilometers of ocean beach, called Playa Maule. This peninsula is the former location of the mouth of the Imperial River, which was destroyed in the earthquake of 1960. Above the beach is a large hill extending the length of the peninsula, which offers varying landscapes from sand dunes to a pine forest, all of which offer great places for camping and hiking.

At the start of the peninsula is Cerro Mirador, a very high hill with a lookout tower that offers a panoramic view of the landscape. A short walk or bus ride from Puerto Saavedra is Boca Budi, a small strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and Lago Budi, one of the only saltwater lakes in South America. Here there is a small community of summer houses and a few cabins and restaurants. Continuing on to Lago Budi, which is best done in car or boat (local tour guides can be contracted, and a free ferry service is offered), and many original Mapuche communities can be found, along with breathtaking natural areas and a wide variety of unique animals, such as the black-necked swan.

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Carrie said...

Hey, I'm in Temuco for a few days with a video team doing some projects. Your post was very helpful! Can you tell me some good restaurants around here, or in Concepcion suitable for an american stomach? Trying not to get sick this time. Do you drink water from the tap?