Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Frutillar is a small town located in the Lake's Region, in the Province of Llanquihue, and is located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, the largest lake in Chile. The town consists of an upper and lower portion, the lower being largely populated by German settlers who came in the 1850's, and also is the location of all the tourist attractions in the town.

A distinct theme of music is clearly present in lower Frutillar, and is culminated each year by an annual music festival “Semanas Musicales”, held in the newly constructred theatre, which is one of the best theatres of Chile.

If spending the night in Frutillar cabins are by far the best option. During the summer months a full cabin on the beach should cost around $60 to $80 a night, and $40 a night during the rest of the year. Daytime attractions include the beach, water sports, the German Colonial Museum, and German restaurants. No trip to Frutillar is complete without eating Kuchen, a typical German desert.


Anonymous said...

hey...a friend and i are going to be in south america for a while...we are still trying to decide where we'll be going there. we were looking for a flat to rent for the month of march. do you have any suggestions?

jglohr said...


I don't have any specific recomendations, but I can tell you that you could probably negociate a monthly rate at a cabin in many towns in southern Chile or Argentina. The cabins include full kitchens, bedrooms, tv, etc.., and during March they will be cheaper anyways. You would normally expect to pay $30 a night for a good cabin if staying only a few nights, but if you were talking a month, you should easily be able to negociate a much lower price. Some of the cabins are in beautiful locations. This is my recomendation over looking for a flat, because it would be dificult find a renter for one month, and the cabin owners would be very glad to rent out for an entire month to the same person.

Chileno said...

Mmmm...Kuchen. Try to find one of those authentic old German Kuchen guys serves German Kuchen and speaks German and tells you all about German culture and was director of the local German museum, but who's never been to Germany! Ha! Chile has such a strange and freakish culture, definitely worth a visit. For the Kuchen, I mean.

Megan said...

Who do you contact about renting cabins in Chile? How do you find out about them?