Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lake Pellaifa, in Coñaripe

Lake Pellaifa
Lake Pellaifa is a very secluded and relatively unkown lake in the 9th region of Chile. It is located near the town of Coñaripe, 90 miles south of Temuco, and 40 miles south of Villarica. Because it is still relatively off the tourist path, it offers more space and less tourists than other lakes in the region.

The lake was created by the earthquake of 1960. Previously it was a small village, whose remains are still under the water, along with the sunken forest seen above. Only two families remained after the quake, and now own all of the land. The earthquake was the largest recorded quake of this century, with a magnitude of 9.5.

The lake boasts crystal clear water and is surrounded by breathtaking mountains. It is open for swimming, canoeing, and camping.


Anonymous said...

In December of 2006, my husband and I had the oppitunity to visit Conaripe. It is truly a hidden 'Paradise" . with the mountains, volcanos , lakes and termas, what more could you ask for from this quaint little town :)
N Carolina, USA

Freddie Mac said...

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